In July of 2008, I made a most important historical discovery. Now, after 10 years of continued study and research, I have finally decided to make public what I am absolutely convinced is the true California landing site location where Captain General Francis Drake and his crew camped for 36 days during the summer of 1579 to careen their ship “The Golden Hinde”. While doing so, the men built a deep friendship with the native people of what is now Marin County. I now invite you to take a look at the “DISCOVERY” page that will reveal both the discovered historic location and the compelling evidence that has led me to firmly believe that what has been called “the great, great grandfather of all California historical mysteries” has finally been solved! I sincerely hope you find this compiled, detailed evidence and landing site location most interesting. Cheers, ~ Duane Van Dieman

It seems to me that far more should be known locally here in Marin County (California) about Sir Francis Drake. Based largely on the strong evidence that Drake was indeed here, recorded in the ship’s journals that were written at the time of Drake’s 1579 landing and five week stay, the longest non-highway road in the county, a high school, several businesses and residential areas as well as other streets have been named after him, his ship and the massive land area he claimed and named for England as “Nova Albion”. The name Nova Albion is Latin for “New England” and was considered by most 16th and 17th century map makers as the land area between mid-California and Canada.

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For the most part, however, his image remains very much an enigma or in some cases not studied at all by Marin residents. Remarkably, when Drake and his men careened their ship, the Golden Hinde, at their California harbor, it was the first known contact by English speaking people with any natives on any coast of what is now the United States of America, predating the Roanoke settlement by six years and Jamestown colony by twenty eight. It was also the first known ship’s landing by any European on the west coast of the Americas north of the Santa Barbara area. Importantly, Drake also held a large treasure of silver, gold and jewels on board, captured from the Spanish, which would pay off England’s foreign debt and enable the first steps in the building of England’s Royal Navy.


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